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Never forget where you last left off in a Medium article again.

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Demonstration GIF showing how to use Medium Bookmarklets

Medium bookmarks as they were meant to be

“Bookmarks” in Medium aren’t very helpful when you’re trying to find the place where you last left off reading. Stop scrolling through long articles to find your place and let Medium Bookmarklets do the work for you.

Easy to Use

Built with usability in mind.

Adding bookmarklets is similar to any other Medium action - simply highlight some text then press B. As for removing bookmarklets, a single click on the bookmarklet highlight is all it takes.

Power to the User

Privacy done right.

Medium Bookmarklets gives the user complete control of what websites to listen to. Meaning, if a website is not included in the domain list, Medium Bookmarklets will not execute any scripts.

Open Source

Free as in free speech.

Want to change the color of the bookmarklet highlight? Or, help contribute to fix bugs? That's all possible! Fork the repository and make any changes that you see fit.

Simple and elegant sidebar design


Sleek and simple sidebar design, defaulting to a beautiful dark theme.


Easy-to-use settings page to unlock Medium Bookmarklets for your favorite publications.

Settings page for enabling all publications on Medium
Responsive sidebar looks great with all widths


Compact and responsive bookmarklet cards with synchronous updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Medium Bookmarklets?
There are four main actions when using Medium Bookmarklets: adding, removing, updating, and viewing bookmarklets. The first three are done within Medium articles themselves:
  • Adding: highlight the text where you want to save your spot, then press B
  • Removing: simply click on the lightcoral-colored bookmarklet highlight
  • Updating: similar to adding a bookmarklet, just highlight new text and press B
Viewing bookmarklets is done by clicking the respective bookmarklet card in the sidebar, which will take you exactly to the spot where the bookmarklet highlight was added.
What are bookmarklets?
Bookmarklets are synonymous with bookmarks. They're not named that however because Medium uses "bookmarks", so a different name was needed.
What websites can I use this on?
Medium Bookmarklets will only work on Medium ( However, with the ability to add domains, you can add bookmarklets to your favorite publications which host their blogs on Medium.
Can I add multiple bookmarklets to one article?
No, only one bookmarklet can be added to any given article.
Can I delete bookmarklets from the sidebar?
No, not currently. But this is a great idea and is on the roadmap for planned features.
Is there a light-themed sidebar?
Although the dark theme is pretty amazing, we plan on adding a light theme for the sidebar as well. Stay tuned!
Why do I need to add publication domains?
If you look at the source code, you'd notice Medium Bookmarklets' content script is allowed to manipulate all URLs. This was required since many publications hosted on Medium did not have domains that fall under "". To compensate for this, users must add any publication domain if they'd like to add bookmarklets to that publication's articles. This allows us to make it so that our scripts are not ran on websites other than Medium.
How can I contribute to Medium Bookmarklets?
Great, you'd like to contribute! Go ahead and fork the cedricium/medium-bookmarklets repository on GitHub and make any changes you see fit. Then, open a pull request and we'd be happy to review your work. If coding isn't your thing, we welcome testers and translators as well.

Medium Bookmarklets

Stop wasting time looking for your place and instead spend more time reading.

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